Getting the best out of your ‘wedding group’ shots – Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer – 2019

Group shots at weddings can be hard work but they are so great to look back on. Make the most of having all your loved ones in one place and work with your wedding photographer to get the perfect shot of all of you together on your special day. Wedding photographers have a ton of tricks up their sleeve to co-ordinate guests and get the perfect group shot but heres how I like to do it……

I always like to start off by finding myself a designated helper so we can get the shots done quite quickly. This should always be someone who knows the couple very well and can help rounding up key friends and family for the group shots. Its more often than not a best man or maid of honour and they are always happy to help!

Its then that I like to get creative to get the best group shots I can, more often than not, the group needs directing, you will definitely need to take charge and be vocal in what you would like the group to do, this is no time to be shy.

Here are some examples of my best group shots with explanations below…..

wedding group shots, hertfordshire wedding photographer
Sitting down is always a great option with groups, I like to position each subject very close together as I don’t like gaps. This was a great moment when I requested each couple look at each other, they weren’t expecting it but they loved it!
wedding group shots, hertfordshire and London wedding photographer
Friends shots are great and the bride and groom often feel more at ease with their closest friends, more often than not its a beautiful moment.

wedding group shots, hertfordshire and London wedding photographer
Make it fun! Most groups like to try something different and the bride and groom love getting involved!
wedding group shots, hertfordshire and London wedding photographer
This is a “look at each other and laugh’ shot, my favourite go to group pose, always gets the best results.
wedding group shots, hertfordshire and London reportage wedding photographer
I love my groups to chat while Im shooting away , it puts the whole group at ease and the images speak for themselves.
wedding group shots, hertfordshire and London wedding photographer
Play around with positioning, I always try and think outside the box with groups and they really don’t have to be looking into the camera in every shot, this is one of my favourite shots and everyone was up for trying something fun!

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